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  商品編號: xdvd3119d
  商品名稱: 微軟地圖導航軟體 Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011 英文版 DVD
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $200元
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微軟地圖導航軟體 Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011 英文版 DVD



New! SiRF star III GPS locator is 10 times more sensitive than the previous
GPS locator and provides a strong signal whether the user is in the city or
mountains. Consumers can simply plug in the sleek and compact GPS receiver
to a notebook PC's USB port to view maps and travel routes in real time. so
they always know where they are. no matter where their travels take them.
New! USB adapter for the GPS device gives consumers the flexibility to travel
cable-free. They can just plug it in and go.
New! Full-screen navigation mode has been streamlined to highlight the four
most commonly used buttons at consumers' fingertips. With the new and improved
display. travelers can access the options they need quickly and easily while
in the car. without having to spend time searching.
New! Integration with Live Search helps consumers find current business
listings online that can easily be saved to their Streets & Trips maps. Keyword
sea??rching helps consumers quickly find listings near their location by entering
words such as “coffee” or “restaurant”; search results automatically refresh
as users move around the map. so they always have the most relevant information.
Enhanced! Driving Guidance Panedisplays textual turn-by-turn directions. with
enlarged arrows indicating where to turn and distance measured by miles. then
in yards. as drivers get closer to their destination. With the new Estimated
Drive Time feature. travelers will always know how far they are from their