AKVIS SmartMask

AKVIS SmartMask


  商品編號: sys0778
  商品名稱: AKVIS SmartMask 9.0.2229.13867 Multilingual x64
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AKVIS SmartMask 9.0.2229.13867 Multilingual x64
AKVIS SmartMask  是一款非常简单好用的智能抠图工具,可以帮助你非常轻松的将图片或者照片中不需要的背景或者其他人物移除出去,只保留你所需要的内容,可以用于照片的处理合成或者去除水印等方面的应用!有了这款工具,你会发现抠图是如此的简单.

AKVIS SmartMask 9.0.2229.13867 Multilingual (x64) | 74 Mb

AKVIS SmartMask is an efficient selection tool that saves time and is fun to use. There are many occasions when you need to target a specific area of an image. It is often necessary to highlight regions to which an effect or correction should be applied. Creation of photo collages and montages requires a precise selection of objects. This can be a painful task because many objects don't have clearly defined edges and fade into the background. For instance, just try selecting yourself in a group photo. 

AKVIS SmartMask makes even a difficult selection incredibly simple! Now, you can spend less of your time on selection of objects and more of it on creativity.

Extracting Complex Objects a Breeze!
The software provides powerful tools for masking objects on images and removing backgrounds. It can create various selection types, with both soft and sharp edges. It even lets you select fluff, hair, fur, tree branches, glass, or a transparent veil with just a few mouse clicks! The program also lets you get rid of the unwanted color shades left on the cutout object by the environment.

Outstanding Tools You'll Love
There are two modes of image processing: Auto mode, which offers a powerful algorithm for automatic recognition of areas, and Manual mode, that includes a set of smart and helpful brushes to touch up the results where needed.

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