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  商品編號: DVDXX16804
  商品名稱: OzCode for VisualStudio 2010-2019 VS可視化調試插件
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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OzCode for VisualStudio 2010-2019 VS可視化調試插件
OzCode是一款非常實用的VS調試插件,該插件使用可將VS可視化的調試提升到了一個新的高度,旨在與Visual Studio調試器集成並擴展其功能。 它是一個可視化調試器,可幫助您找出複雜的表達式,鑽取內部異常,輕鬆添加日誌記錄語句,快速診斷內存問題並跟蹤相關的對象引用。使用可以將循環、表達式、比較陣列都直觀地展示出來,並擁有快速操作、一鍵顯示所有實例等多種功能,讓你開發應用更加地快速高效。透過C# 的這種創新Visual Studio 擴展將調試時間縮短一半。計算複雜的運算式,您可以透過點擊工具列圖示切換Magic Glance 功能,它透過顯示流覽的每行代碼的摘要使您瞭解代碼情況。它還允許用戶搜索屬性,比較對象,評估表達式以及創建跟蹤點。

OzCode is a developer program for visual studio software that reduces debug time by identifying and debugging. This software makes c # debugger a simple, efficient and even fun experience. This application integrates with Visual Studio debugger and extends its functionality. Among other features, it allows users to search properties, compare objects, evaluate expressions, and create tracking points. All this has led to the creation of a fast and productive debugger.

Features o OzCode

Breakpoints: Easily add one-click Breakpoints
Exceptions: Searching for an exception on the Internet
Quick Attach: In some projects you cannot start debugging by pressing F5. With the QuickAttach window you can specify and run shortcuts for each application
Search: Quickly search for names and values regardless of the size or complexity of the object graph
Foresee: Simple dealing with foreach loops during debugging
Compare: Compare objects and collections with a simple click. The results are displayed in a single view
Reveal: Objects or objects can have many properties and are not needed when debugging. With Reveal you can focus on important objects
Custom Expressions: Sometimes there is no information about the properties of objects, so you can make different custom expressions for objects