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  商品編號: DVDXX16678
  商品名稱: Smart Identity Pro 一種常用的Aadhaar打印工具
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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Smart Identity Pro 一種常用的Aadhaar打印工具
Smart Identity一種常用的Aadhaar打印工具,支持多種類型的打印機。並內置圖像編輯器,主要用於增強圖片的打印效果。您可以自定義字體顏色和大小,非常容易使用。

Smart Identity is the most versatile Aadhaar Printing App, available for Microsoft Windows. It transforms the e-Aadhaar PDF file into a CR80 sized card, as per UIDAI standards.

One Click e-Aadhaar Parsing.
Various card customization options, for pre-printed/blank cards. (Enable/Disable Card Elements like Header, Footer, Barcode, Photobox etc).
Picture editing for enhanced print results.
Font Adjustment option for native texts.
Adjustments available for preprinted cards with incorrect offsets.
Reports for tracking Prints.
Works with any CR80 card Printer. (Thermal/Inkjet)
Frequent Software updates, with improved experience and features every time.
Easy system migration.
Also available for bulk printing on A4 sheets.

Software Dependencies:
Adobe Reader DC
NET Framework 4.0

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.