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  商品編號: DVDXX16190
  商品名稱: M3u Editor m3u音樂列表編輯器
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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M3u Editor m3u音樂列表編輯器
M3u Editor是壹款用於編輯m3u格式音樂列表的軟件,M3U文件壹般用於批量播放音樂,通過這款M3u Editor妳可以批量編輯妳的音樂列表,編輯完成的列表可以通過Windows Media Player或者Winamp播放這個M3U文件就能順序把這幾首歌曲播放出來。

Customizing your IPTV M3U channellist has never been easier! With our IPTV M3U Editor you have the Swiss army knife under the M3U editors! With functions such as filtering streams, importing radio streams, matching XMLTV EPG codes, and more!

Filter streams
Bulk edit tags by removing or replacing texts, or remove streams that contain or do not contain a keyword.

Import radio streams
Import radio streams directly from different websites, with the latest and working radio streams, in any category or language.

Export to Enigma2/Dreambox
No need for other tools to export your M3U file to Enigma2/Dreambox. Select which group to export or export the complete M3U file.

Number streams
No more manual numbering, with our IPTV M3U editor you can choose to number per group or number all streams consecutively.

Search streams
Easily find the stream you are looking for with search. Find partial texts in tags, search in different groups.

HD Streams on top
No need for manual moving up and down of streams. You can use 4K, FHD, HD, or even a custom keyword to set the streams to the top of the group.

Download Logo's
Download the TV Logos from your M3U list for faster loading.

Match XMLTV EPG Codes
Doesnt your IPTV Provider offer an epg? Match your M3U easily with another XMLTV Guide.

Check your IPTV Account
Easily retrieve when your IPTV subscription expires, check active connections and more.

Upload to SmartIPTV MAC Address
Upload your customized M3U list directly to your SmartIPTV MAC Address!

Convert your MAC address to M3U URL
Convert your Xtream-Codes MAC Address account to a working M3U URL, ready for use.

Export to custom formats
Create your own file formatting, export your M3U file to different files quick and easy!

Import Music Streams from SoundCloud
Import your favorite music in to your playlist with ease!

Import video streams from DailyMotion
Import your favorite video's from DailyMotion directly to your playlist!

Import XXX video's directly from XHamster
Easy importing of XHamster video's to your playlist!

Save your personal M3U online!
You will receive 3 slots per license to upload your M3U. So you only have to enter your M3U url once in your favorite IPTV player app, and you can personalize and update your M3U and upload it. No more hassle with USB sticks, just nice and simple!