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  商品編號: DVDXX15757
  商品名稱: OpenCloner Ripper 2019 v2.10.100 一款功能齊全的翻錄和轉換軟件
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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OpenCloner Ripper 2019 v2.10.100 一款功能齊全的翻錄和轉換軟件
OpenCloner Ripper 2019是一款功能齊全的翻錄和轉換軟件。它可以將DVD /藍光/ UHD電影翻錄成標準視頻格式,同時刪除各種複製保護。同時,它支持針對您的設備優化的豐富內置配置預設。這個多功能應用程序還可以將任何編碼的視頻文件轉碼為MP4 / MKV文件,並將下載的iTunes電影翻錄成MP4格式,刪除DRM。各種濾波器,如去噪,去隔行,與視頻編碼配合使用,即使在低比特率下也能為您生成出色的圖像。

Windows x64 | 

OpenCloner Ripper 2019 is a full-featured ripping and conversion software. It can rip DVD/Blu-ray/UHD movies to standard video format, while removing various copy protections. Meanwhile, it supports rich built-in configuration presets optimized for your device. This versatile application can also transcode video files of any encoding into MP4/MKV files, and rip downloaded iTunes movies into MP4 format, removing DRM. A variety of filters such as denoise, deinterlace, working together with video encoding, will produce excellent images for you even at a low bit rate........