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  商品編號: DVDXX13371
  商品名稱: CSI SAP2000 v15.2.1 Ultimate-LAV (2013)-結構通用有限元計算軟件
  光碟片數: 1片
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CSI SAP2000 v15.2.1 Ultimate-LAV (2013)-結構通用有限元計算軟件
SAP2000 V15對於中國用戶的最重要改進是更新至國內最新的結構設計規範,包括目前已近發佈實施的《混凝土結構設計規範(GB50010-2010)》、《建築抗震設計規範(GB50011-2010)》、《高層建築混凝土結構技術規程(JGJ3-2010)》三本規範的相關內容。相應地,程序對於地震荷載、荷載組合、材料特性、混凝土框架設計和鋼框架設計等內容都按照新規範的規定進行更新。此外,SAP2000 V15自身的增強特性及其它國家規範的更新內容列舉如下:

新的DirectX graphics
印度鋼框架結構設計規範 IS 800 2008
新西蘭鋼框架結構設計規範 NZS 3404-1997
加拿大鋼框架結構設計規範 CSA S16-2009
更新香港混凝土框架結構設計規範包含 Supplement 1
澳大利亞混凝土框架結構設計規範 AS3600- 2009
增強歐洲規範3-2005鋼框架結構設計,包括Class 4截面設計


AP2000 is general-purpose civil-engineering software ideal for the analysis and design of any type of structural system. Basic and advanced systems, ranging from 2D to 3D, of simple geometry to complex, may be modeled, analyzed, designed, and optimized using a practical and intuitive object-based modeling environment that simplifies and streamlines the engineering process.

The SAPFire Analysis Engine integral to SAP2000 drives a sophisticated finite-element analysis procedure. An additional suite of advanced analysis features are available to users engaging state-of-the-art practice with nonlinear and dynamic consideration. Created by engineers for effective engineering, SAP2000 is the ideal software tool for users of any experience level, designing any structural system.

Integrated modeling templates, code-based loading assignments, advanced analysis options, design-optimization procedures, and customizable output reports all coordinate across a powerful platform to make SAP2000 especially useful for practicing professionals.

SAP2000 is also an excellent medium for education. Open SAP2000 and follow the CSI Watch & Learn video series to receive not only instruction on software use, but also insight into structural engineering philosophy and practice.

SAP2000 15.2.1 Enhancements:
- The memory capacity has been increased for the graphical user interface, allowing larger models to be handled.
- The analysis of certain non?symmetrical frame sections now accounts for coupled bending due to the product of inertia, I23, and for the coupling between major shear (V2) and torsion when the shear center is not located at the centroid of the section. Steel frame design and cold?formed frame design are not affected except as may due to changes in analysis results. Steel frame design was already accounting for the rotated principal axes of bending for angle sections as documented for the various codes.
- The number of time steps that can be run in a single linear or nonlinear (FNA) modal time?history load case has been increased for cases with a large number of link elements.
- Italian material property definitions have been added.
- Steel frame design using the "AS4100?1998" and "NZS 3404?1997" codes have been enhanced to provide more design details.
- Mass participation ratios for the rotational acceleration loads (RX, RY,and RZ) have been changed so that they are now reported with respect to the centroid of the structure. Previously they were reported with respect to the global origin.
- The import of StruCAD*3D models has been enhanced to allow the import of the Cb, Cm, and unbraced?length design overwrites.