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  商品編號: DVD917675
  商品名稱: FlexLogger 2020 R1 x64 Multilanguage 一款功能強大的是可快速配置傳感器和記錄混合信號數據的應用軟件
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FlexLogger 2020 R1 x64 Multilanguage 一款功能強大的是可快速配置傳感器和記錄混合信號數據的應用軟件

FlexLogger可幫助您使用NI DAQ硬件構建靈活,可擴展的數據記錄系統,無需編程。 您可以使用特定於傳感器的配置工作流程來快速設置,可視化和記錄來自模擬傳感器,數字信號和車輛通信總線的混合同步測量。 您還可以生成電壓,電流或數字信號,以驅動執行器或控制設定點。 FlexLogger自動保存記錄測試配置的元數據,因此您可以快速跟蹤測試結果並對多個測試進行比較。 您可以在集成數據查看器中以交互方式查看測試結果,以直觀地檢查數據並得出結論。

x64 | Languages:Multilanguage |

FlexLogger is application software for quick sensor configuration and data logging of mixed signals to verify electromechanical systems, all without programming.FlexLogger is application software that helps you build flexible, scalable data-logging systems with NI data acquisition hardware, no programming required. You can use sensor-specific configuration workflows to quickly set up, visualize, and log a mix of synchronized measurements from analog sensors, digital signals, and vehicle communication buses.

You can also generate voltage, current, or digital signals to drive actuators or control set points, which can be automated by event triggers in response to changing conditions. FlexLogger automatically saves metadata documenting your test configuration, so you can quickly trace test results and make comparisons across multiple tests. You can interactively review test results in the integrated data viewer to visually inspect your data and draw conclusions.

DIAdem Feature Highlights:
-Quickly find data anywhere on a disk or network with metadata search queries
-Customize your analysis using hundreds of configurable engineering calculations
-Communicate results clearly and concisely using custom, professional reports
-Save time by capturing steps you interactively perform in a script to automate repetitive tasks

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 7/8.1/10 (x64)
CPU:Pentium 4 G1 equivalent (Intel i5 equivalent or higher recommended)
Disk Space:4 GB Free space
Memory:4 GB RAM
Screen Resolution:1024 x 768 resolution
Require Software:
-NI-DAQmx software 19.0 or higher
-NI-XNET software 19.0 or higher